Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling | Zona Gregory, MA,LPC- Alpha Child & Family Services, PLLC - Scottsdale, AZ

Couples counseling has proven to be an effective method for easing the tension in a distressful relationship. It’s also a great way to strengthen a good relationship and make it dynamic. Couples counseling sessions at Zona Gregory, MA, LPC – Alpha Child & Family Services, PLLC provide the following benefits:

• It enhances communication between two individuals.
• It gives each partner a different perspective of themselves and each other.
• It changes hurtful habits and routines in the relationship
• It helps the couple obtain life-long goals with each other.
• It reveals strengths in the relationship and builds upon them.
• It improves patience, compassion, understanding, and trust in the relationship.
• It promotes respect for each partner in the relationship.

Your marriage counselor will meet with both people in the relationship on a regular basis. The counselor will have each partner express his or her thoughts, beliefs, and opinions on their marriage and life in general.

The issue that comes up in couples counseling the most is that one partner makes assumptions about the other partner, and vice versa. In marriage counseling, these ideas revealed through clear communication. The marriage counselor stands objective between both parties and provides a comfortable space for each of them to express themselves.

You might be surprised that couples counseling can also include divorce counseling. Just because the marriage is being dissolved, doesn’t mean that the couple doesn’t have issues to work through. Some of the benefits of divorce counseling include:

• Making fair decisions for each partner throughout the separation process
• Providing emotional support for each partner
• Co-parenting techniques that are helpful for children
• Moving past anger and resentment towards each other
• Mediating financial options

A marriage doesn’t just involve the two people. It involves them, children they may have, and each of the immediate families. Therefore, a divorce is not just a separation of two people. Depending on how nasty or smooth the divorce can go, will also impact all of the other individuals who have bonded around the couple.

The divorce counselor suggests techniques that promote a respectful and communicable separation for everyone. The counselor also allows each partner to express themselves in healthy ways that won’t harm the relationship further.