Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling | Zona Gregory, MA,LPC- Alpha Child & Family Services, PLLC - Scottsdale, AZ

Detoxing from an addiction is only a small step in the direction toward a healthy recovery. Substance abuse counseling is a necessity to prevent relapse. Substance abuse counseling will help someone living a life of recovery in the following areas:

• Getting past resentments, anger, and fear
• Revealing character defects and assets
• Encouraging a 12-step program way of life
• Helping the entire family to cope with the disease
• Detecting and treating any mental health issues
• Finding one’s true self
• Practicing self-care
• Living a healthy lifestyle
• Expressing oneself fully

At Zona Gregory, MA, LPC – Alpha Child & Family Service, PLLC, substance abuse counseling educates the individual and his or her family about the disease of addiction. The counselor will hold individual counseling for the recovery patient. The patient will learn a new way of life where relapse does not ever have to be a consideration.

Through the various methods of therapy the counselor uses, substance abuse counseling is particularly helpful in getting the patient to feel and understand his or her emotions. The counselor and patient will discuss all of life’s stressors. The patient will learn how to work through those without ever picking up a substance again.

The counselor will teach the family how to work through the worry, anxiety, and fear they have suffered through their loved one’s addiction. They will be able to release these emotions and nurture their loved one throughout their recovery.

Substance abuse can be a deadly disease. Through the guidance a professional counselor, right here in Scottsdale, the patient can live a much better life than he or she ever experienced.